Scalextric 4 Schools is the perfect introduction into the world of micro racing for children. The Scalextric 4 Schoolscars are 1/64 scale racers, that feature the beloved characters of the hit movie series from Disney’s Pixar releases, Toy Story. Just in time for Christmas, both the movie and the Scalextric 4 Schoolswill be big hits this year. Your child can race around compact race circuits, and ‘drive’ the highly decorated, and sturdy little Toy Story Scalextric and take home the black and white checkered flag of victory.

We are experiencing very strong demand for Scalextric 4 Schoolsprior to Christmas 2010. Please order early to avoid disappointment.

Each car in the Scalextric 4 Schoolsset features one of the characters from the Toy Story movie, your child can play with Woody, or Buzz and re-enact the wonderful Toy Story movie scene where remote controlled cars were to bring the toys back together. Your child will be falling with style as they race around on 4m of track. Toy Story Scalextric also includes the characters of Sid the Dinosaur, and Slinky the Dog as track side decorations, as well as having the green army soldiers watching as they race on by.

The track that comes with the Scalextric 4 Schoolsis a challenge for even the most experienced micro racers, and the near vertical hairpin turn is sure to be a crowd pleaser on Christmas morning. The challenge delivered by the Micro Toy Story Scalextric, is a part of its popularity among children and collectors.

Racing Action with Scalextric 4 Schoolsfor the Young Race Fans

The compact size of the Toy Story Scalextric set makes it suitable for any size home for children to set it up and have plenty of racing fun. The size of the cars means it is best suited for children 4-7, to prevent the accidents that happen when younger children place things in their mouths. Toy Story is now on its third release and shows no signs of losing its audience. The DVD releases sell strongly every year, and memorabilia from the movies is constantly in demand. The release of Scalextric 4 Schoolshas been long awaited by micro collectors, and fans of the Toy Story movie.

Every year the Scalextric Micro line sells out quickly around Christmas, and this year the release of Toy Story Scalextric is slated for the same fate. Be sure you go out early for your child’s gift of a Scalextric 4 Schoolsset. Christmas morning should find your child the envy of his or her cousins and friends as being one of the lucky few who will have an opportunity to begin their micro collection with the Scalextric 4 Schoolsset.