Scalextric C1224T is a super resistant and kid-proof Scalextric Slot Cars set of Lamborghini Gallardo cars. You can use the crossroads track piece for exciting close misses – or lots of cool crashes! The Scalextric C1224T set has plenty of curves which enable the driver to make 180 degrees and 360 degrees turns in order to escape from or catch the other competitor. Any kid would love to have this for birthday or Christmas 2018. So don’t wait and click the buttons on the right, as this popular toy set sells out faster than the speed of racing cars!

Scalextric C1224T – Scalextric Street Sliders Set Features

  • Two Lamborghini Gallardo cars in one Scalextric Slot Cars set
  • Track length: 392cm (12.85 feet)
  • Space required: 100cm x 180cm
  • Magnatraction with two magnet positions for driver choice
  • 12 x standard curve 45 deg with outer and inner borders
  • Figure 8 circuit
  • Crossover 90 degrees with borders
  • 2 x hand throttles, 45ohm
  • Transformer
  • Pack 4 drift guide plates, drift guide plate assembly, pack 20 tyres
  • Drift circuit instruction
  • Drift powerbase assembly

Scalextric Slot Cars – Street Sliders Set Customer Reviews

  1. If you ever wanted to race a Lamborghini car – this is your chance! Got this for my 7 years old son as a birthday present and we’ve been having fun since then! The track of this Scalextric Slot Cars set has these amazing curves and even a crossroad, and I admit it – making the cars collide was just as fun as competing who gets first to the finish line.
  2. Scalextric C1224T is a great set, certainly a new and exciting track in the Scalextric Slot Cars series. You can even use the cars from the other sets and create races never seen before on television. Got it last Christmas for my 5 and 8 years old kids and the entire family has been racing since then. Really a high quality product, in my opinion the best Christmas gift I bought for my boys.