Slot Cars for Toddlers

Slot Cars are fun for Kids of all ages and adults. This makes them great for families who would like to spend some time together doing something everyone will enjoy. There are specific features of certain slot car tracks that we feel are best for younger kids. These same tracks can be a blast for adults.

Some things to consider when purchasing a slot car track that toddlers will be using:

How hard will it be to set the track up and take it apart? Chances are that if you are purchasing a track for family fun, you won’t be leaving it up all the time. You will want a track that can handle the wear and tear from multiple uses.
How durable are the cars? Larger cars are typically more durable. Larger cars also tend to be more exciting for smaller kids.

How fast are the cars? Some cars / tracks are very fast and can’t be run around the entire track and full power. Sometimes curves require less power and this may be difficult for your toddler to understand. While having cars fly of the track can be fun, it can also be frustrating for smaller kids and can damage the cars. Are the controllers wired, or wireless? Wireless controllers seem to be better for young kids. You don’t have to worry about them pulling on the cables, or getting tangled in them.

How magnetic are the tracks? Some slot car tracks are more magnetic than others. Tracks that are very magnetic will hold the cars to the tracks better around curves. This is something to consider when purchasing a slot cars for toddlers.

Our 2 top picks for slot car sets for homes with kids are the Ninco 1/32 track sets and Carrera 1/43 track sets.

Ninco 1/32 Analog sets are large, but they have just about all the features from a set that people of all ages will be using. Ninco tracks are more durable and flexible than other tracks and can withstand the weekend setup and breakdown. Ninco 1/32 Analog sets come with wireless controllers that have a power adjustment feature. This, along with the fact that these tracks are more magnetic and cars stick to them better, help toddlers keep the cars on the track. This would likely be the best choice for a slot car set that a toddler would be using, as long as you have the room and the money. A track like this, with cars, will run you $300 or more.

Carrera 1/43 track sets were designed with kids in mind, but still don’t have quite all the features that the Ninco tracks have. Carrera 1/43 tracks are smaller and cheaper than the Ninco tracks. They are smaller scale, so you can fit much more track in a smaller space, but the cars are still about 4 inches long and are still exciting for small children. Carrera sets come with wired controllers, but they do have a spacer that can be inserted behind the controller trigger so that the cars will not go full speed. Wireless controllers can be purchased as an add-on, but they lack power adjustment features. Something else to consider about these tracks is that they are not as easy to put together and take apart as the Ninco tracks. Something that these sets really have going for them is many of the tracks are kids themed. There are many cars for the 1/43 Carrera tracks that were designed for kids, such as Disney Cars, and spiderman. Another benefit of these tracks is the cost. At around $100 – $200 the Carrera 1/43 track is definitely the way to go for a family on a limited budget.

Sunday night slot cars can be a great experience as long as the right type of set is purchased. Hopefully this guide will help you make the right decision when purchasing a family slot car set.

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