Track Planning for the Perfect Slot Car Design

There is quite a bit involved in track planning for a good slot car track design. In this section of the slot car track design site you will be taken through each step of the track planning phase to make sure when you come to build your slot car layout there will not be any hidden nasties like running out of space or even track which has happened to me in the early days until good planning software came along. Here is a summary of what you will find in this section of the slot car track design web site.

Track Planning for Your Table Size

This section deals with the first initial steps of planning your layout, which is what size the actual layout is going to be which depends on lots of different factors.

Choosing the Right Track for your Slot Car Design and Layout

There are numerous slot car brands out there these days and all there track is different read this section if you would like to know the differences in the different track even though you can run any brand of slot car on any track you will find that that most slot car track is not compatible with each other so choose wisely or you could end up spending a lot of money which no one wants or you can go DIY and build the track yourself by using a router and some brass or copper tape.

How Many Lanes Should Your Slot Car Design Have?

These days there are numerous possibilities when it comes to lane configuration, gone are the days of the simple 2 lane layout most slot car brands support up to 8 lanes this also becomes an important factor when planning your slot car layout and choosing which brand of track to use.

Slot Car Track Design Software

There is some really good slot car track design software this section has reviews of this software as well as some links to programs that are free to download so you can try them yourself, once you have used this software you won’t look back.

Ideas for Great Track Design

This section has some great ideas for track design. Ideas for turns and features to add to your slot car track design.

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