What does it mean to bore out something(car maintenance)?

I tried installing new spark plugs but one the plugs only went in 2 threads. My mechanic said he bored out the the slot where the plug is supposed to go and now it goes in fine.

What does bored out mean?

Will this result in the issue being fixed, or will this come up again next tune-up?

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Rod Knocker Says:

I sure hope he didn’t bore out your plug hole. That would not be good. He probably chased the threads with a tap and cleaned them up. It should be a permanent fix.

If he bored it out, he enlarged the hole. If the hole is enlarged, the plug will no longer stay in place and all the metal would have fell into your engine.

Christophero Says:

It like drilling a hole that is already there and making it just slightly bigger so that the interior wall is smoothe and fits correctly with the part that connects there.

Perchy Says:

When they talk about boring things out, it’s like drilling them. Making them wider or deeper. He made the slot deeper so the spark plug would fit. Shouldn’t cause any more problems.

James B Says:

Bore out is too widen something. In this case it would be to widen out the threads back to normal. As for the problem it should not occur again, if it does you can buy a special tool to “chase” the threads, which means to clean them and make sure they are all good.

jim Says:

He could have just chased the treads with a tap or drilled out the old thread completely, tapped it with a larger tread and epoxied an insert in to the hole so a standard plug will fit. Permanent fix, either way

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